Forgetting the most important thing.

I once had a client who came to see me as he wanted to improve his memory. He had heard that Hypnosis can be an extremely useful method for improving study for exams or for helping to learn foreign languages etc. and he wanted me to give “the power”.

I asked him what he did for a living. He told me was the owner of a small company.

However, in the preceding months leading up to his contacting me he had noticed that he was becoming extremely forgetful. Perhaps it was just his age? (He was in his late 40’s). As well as forgetting details of his customer’s orders or prices etc. sometimes he would even forget the most basic information. Things finally came to a head when he found he was forgetting his friends and family member’s names.

I asked him to describe a typical day to me. He told me he would get up around 6:00am and be in the car by around 6:45am. He would travel around the region seeing his customers and taking orders. He rarely stopped between customers and ate his lunch in the car as he travelled. He would get home around 8:00pm, spend about half an hour or so with his wife and kids, have his evening meal, then go upstairs to process the orders he had taken during the day. He would go to bed around midnight.

I asked him how he spent his weekends. He told me he would use the time to catch up with all the paperwork he hadn’t had a chance to do during the week. It had been this way for over a year! It was clear as he spoke that his real problem was that he was very stressed indeed and on the verge of burnout.

Once I had helped him remove the stress he felt in that moment and showed him how he could manage it much easier in the future I set about showing him a technique which enables a person to remember huge things very easily.

I reeled a list of 50 random items off the top of my head and wrote them down as I called them out. By the end of our session he was easily able to recall all of the items on the list and the order in which I had called them out.

It was then that I asked him why he worked so hard. He said he was doing it for his family – for their security and future. He never got the time to spend with the very people he was working so hard for! I asked him what they would do if he wasn’t around anymore?

As we parted I gave him something to remember that too often all of us forget…

Spend time with your loved ones. You can never get time back and you never know how much of it you have left!

Tel: 08444 125 812

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